ProTel (Professional Telecom) Solutions

ProTel Solutions provide cutting edge communications solutions to a range of industries including: Telecommunications, Education Authorities, Automation and Submarine applications.

Protel Solutions Technical Training

ProTel solutions specialise in optical transmission, Ethernet in the first mile, fibre optics and media conversion to give a total end to end systems integration service. In today’s ever demanding network environment all our equipment is chosen to be best in class; to offer network resilience, scalability, quality of service and network security.ProTel Solutions | Network Diagram


We have a proven track record of understanding engineering requirements and designing networks for service providers, broadband metropolitan, first mile fibre-to-the-X and Enterprise LAN applications.


We pride ourselves on simplifying the technology for our customers, understanding what needs to be achieved and then working closely with them to ensure the solution is tailored to meet their exact requirements.


ProTel have a proven track record in integrating not only their own product range but also working with other suppliers and manufacturers to ensure a seamless integration for the customer.